Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day Out with Thomas

Walker is quite obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. It's an evening TV ritual in our house before dinner and it's kind of strange the amount of information I know about trains now. We are a train loving family around here. Fletch has even gotten into the action and enjoys it all. So naturally when we heard Thomas was rolling in town for "Day Out with Thomas" it was put on the calendar, tickets were purchased and we headed down to the Tennessee Central Railway Museum this Saturday.

Now we are learning as we go about events of this nature, but I always have this beautiful picture in my head when we plan things like this. Think Pottery Barn catalog meets Thomas. Here is how the picture went in my head....Sir Topham Hatt and Walker hand in hand walking up to a giant train and discussing world peace, sunny skies with 75 degree weather, the scent of cotton candy, happy families in a sing along perfectly in tune to "There's 2, there's 4, there's 6, there's 8..." Yeah, that's not how it went is a more accurate picture....Line an hour long for Sir Topham Hatt and Thomas viewing (who can get a 2 year old to stand in line?? We can't!), Drizzling rain with looming dark clouds, a crowd that looked more like the county fair scene, scary ride operators that looked like molesters, grown women snatching toy trains out of children's hands and throwing them down screaming NO MORE TRAINS, WE ARE DONE! Oh yeah and the fact they had a huge toy selection on scene so if you were stupid enough to venture in that room you would pay quadruple the normal price. We steered away from that completely!

Call me a bad parent, but we did not stand in the hour lines, we didn't buy an overpriced toy and we just really ended up playing with train tables and doing a couple laps on the motorized fair ride train. We did board a passenger car led by Mr. Thomas himself and that being said....Walker ate it up. It's funny to think that sometimes adults see things for what they are...a GIANT opportunity to open parents wallets by exploiting their children to a blue train with a creepy smile for starters, puddles, idiots in flip flops standing in puddles, lines, etc. Then there is what Walker sees....TRAINS, MORE TRAINS, OMG is that THE Sir Topham Hatt!!!! PUDDLE! CONDUCTOR, RUN, WHEEEEE! GOLDFISH!! JUICE MOM! TRAINS!!!!!! RIDE THE TRAIN!!!!!! THOMAS!!

He ate it up!'s a win. Because I document every sneeze my children have I made a movie of our little event. We might not look like a Pottery Barn commercial, but we conquered the day. 

Day Out with Thomas from Cory Holder on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy 1/2 Birthday Fletch!


You are six months old my man. I can't believe it. You are such a little stud muffin and I love you more and more every day. Stop trying to grow up so quick please. It's getting a little crazy that you want to sit up, attempt to crawl backwards and jam on sweet potatoes at any given chance. Peas...not so much. You are freaking huge and about to move into your 9 months clothes. Whaaat? Huge. I have never seen a baby or anyone for that matter smile so much. You just are happy and you make everyone around you happy. Let's cool it on the drooling and spit up though, ok? I just spray and wash'd every piece of clothing you own tonight. Sweet potatoes...a love and hate relationship I guess.

Your favorite things are:

Your brother - You are obsessed with Walker. He can do no wrong in your eyes. You could care less that he isn't sharing or noticing your every move. You are focused on your brother at all times. You both do giggle a lot when I make you fly at each other for tickles. It's really cute. He hung the moon for you and stars are in your eyes.

Your parents - Toys are just ok. You would rather be in the arms of your parents, making silly faces in the mirror or having tickle sessions of pooting noises on your tummy. When you wake up you smile at us and think "oh, there you are! good morning!", "let's snuggle", "you look beautiful today mom!"

Sophie the Giraffe - You are a fan of her. She is your first girlfriend. You chew on her, drool on her, squeak her. She's a good lady.

That's about it are happy to just watch your family run around and be silly. I have a feeling you will be the silliest of us all. In honor of your true sexy baby nature....I made you a video to capture the first six months. Love you completed our wonderful little family.



Fletch is 6 months old! from Cory Holder on Vimeo.

***Walker - if you are reading this thinking "Where is my 2 year old movie/post Mom?!?"....I'm working on it. Just got inspired by Isaac Hayes one night and whipped this up***

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Phish Friends...See ya soon!

So I am taking some training classes in iMovie and to really learn what they are teaching me I need to make this is one I worked up quickly last night. Fun stuff.

Phish Friends see ya soon... from Cory Holder on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fletch is 4 months old!

Time really flies with two kids! Can't believe Fletch is 4 months old! He is just a happy little baby with lots of smiles, coos and even some new giggles. He is really paying attention to everything going on around him, especially his brother! He is obsessed with Walker and loves everything he does. Walker is reciprocating with talking to Fletch saying "Bless you Fletch" and "I love you Fletch" and even giving him some sweet kisses. Sure we have our moments around here, but I wouldn't trade even the rough times for anything else. We have all had bronchitis together these past two weeks and it has been rough waters. Even sick Fletch has a happy's amazing just how happy he is to be here. We are happy to have him here also. Made a little montage video of the past couple of months of our sweet little guy. Enjoy!

4 Months with Fletch from Cory Holder on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A letter to my boys...

Dear Bears,

Since everything is on the Internet for a lifetime I thought I would write you a letter that one day you could Google yourself and find. Hope you enjoy my thoughts.

If I could stop time right now I would. You are both so innocent and it is beautiful to watch you grow up. Every time I hold you I realize that I was put on this Earth to be your mom and love you with all my heart. Both your dad and I are really enjoying teaching you how to be good little citizens of the world with kind hearts and loving spirits. It's not a hard task. 

Walker...You are just bouncing off the walls with curiosity and excitement. You are a vocal little fellow at 21 months and pretty much repeat anything we say. You even call your dad "Chad" because you hear me say it so much. It's pretty adorable. You are very snuggly right now and have major affinity for your mom. I am eating it up each day and loving our songs, stories and adventures. You amaze me Walker Bear. You are so smart. I'm almost afraid of how smart you are going to be one day...hence we are putting away money for your Vanderbilt education. Ha! I love you Snooze. You are quite the little stylish toddler now that mom has dove head first into on a weekly basis. Right now you are sporting little Joe's Jeans and Sperry Top Siders...with a Phish 2012 tour shirt of course. We have to keep it real somehow! You are starting swim lessons next month and I am sure you are going to rock those out. Right now you are trying to swim in the bath tub each night. Also, I would like to thank you for being such a good eater. Your love of fruits and veggies is pretty wild. You also jam on some crackers and waffle fries when you can. Also, thank you for finding your groove with taking naps. I really appreciate the break and definitely need to clean up after your toddler tornado sessions of trucks, cars and choo choos. You are going to be 2 in July...what happened?!? I love you are my world.

Fletch...Could you be any sweeter? Nope. You are smiley little dude at 9 weeks old and I am also eating this up. Your brother was not much of a smiler, but you are coming in strong with your cheerful demeanor. Your favorite activities include getting your head rubbed, hearing our voices when we talk to you and playing in the "Ocean" with some tummy time. You already rolled over...what's up with that?! Maa thinks you are going to be another genius and we should start putting away extra money for the Yale education. Guess I should stay out of Nordstroms huh? Dang. I have one request buddy...quit spitting up. You are changed about 4 times a day and I am running our washing machine 24/7. It's cool though. You reward me in smiles. I have to thank you for following in your brother's footsteps of sleeping well at night. You slept from 7pm until 6am this morning with a bottle at 11pm. Whoa. I love it. I have big dreams for you buddy and can't wait to watch you grow. You are good sport with everything being crazy like it is. Thanks. You are such a great addition to our little family. I couldn't imagine life with your in it. You fit right in like I knew you would. I love you little bear...keep smiling.

Love, Mom

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Welcome Baby Fletcher

We have added another little bear to our den over here at Holder Haven. Welcome Fletcher Thomas Holder! Here's the story of your adventure into this big world:

Once upon a Sunday afternoon Momma started having contractions while Daddy was packing to go out of town for 4 days and Walker was enjoying some quality iPad time. Momma got down on all fours, stretched, walked around and just couldn't stop these possible Braxton Hicks contractions. A "just in case" trip to the hospital ended up being the real deal! Momma got checked in by a crazy nurse asking her about her last will and testament, Swindle grandparents drove in haste to Nashville and things started moving pretty quickly. Auntie Laura and Jennifer came to stay in the hospital with Momma while Walker went home with daddy. Auntie Laura ordered Chinese food in the delivery room and offered what would be one of the comical relief moments to labor for Momma. This must have enticed Fletch because he started moving even faster down the rabbit hole to get to the Chinese food.

Chad returned with Maa (Grandmother Swindle) in tow around 6:30pm and Fletch decided it was time to get the show on the road. The sweet nurse kept coming in and moving the monitor lower and lower because the kid just was like..."um, do you smell that sweet and sour chicken? I want it!". Around 9pm Momma told the nurse..."I'm ready to push, I think it's time"...she agreed and we started hunting doctors. Now Momma's OB was not on call that day and her partner that checked on Momma earlier had just gotten off for the night. So Momma was with a mystery OB that she had never met. Momma really didn't care. Momma told the nurse "Look, as long as they can catch, I'm good. I shot the last baby out at the doctor's chest." She laughed, but Momma thought..."uh huh, no really I will shoot this child out...just give me a good catcher God!". She told Momma to just hang on a bit the OB was on her way. Then she told Momma to hang on 10 minutes because the OB had gotten pulled over on the way to the hospital!!!! Umm...let's just say Fletch had his head out looking for Low Mein and wasn't all good with waiting for the law to do it's job. They sent in a very laid back OB who was going to deliver the Chinese food seeking infant. Casual OB started chatting up Momma's Mom about Birmingham and people from Florence. All along Fletch is working his way to the Dim Sum with all his might. In bursts the freshly acquitted OB with a lead foot who jumps into action. Two pushes and boom....Welcome Baby Fletcher. Sorry...LG took the delicious culinary dish with her, but you can have a french fry when Momma gets her dinner.- The End

We really are having a fun time over here and it's definitely been an adjustment, but we are finding our groove with expanding the tribe. We really appreciate all of our friends and family being so sweet and supportive with Fletch's arrival. Thank you for thinking of us, praying for us and supporting us. We really feel the love.

Here is a video of Fletch's first Month...enjoy!

**Thanks LG for letting me poke at you a little for your choice of food really has given me the giggles to think about all that again***

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bad Blogger

I have been a very bad blogger lately...let's just say life has been moving pretty fast around here. So I thought I would drop in and post a little something something. I promise to be better...maybe...well I will try.. or just take what you can get, ha!

The one with a round belly...Me:

I'm 37 weeks preggers now and feel like a waddling balloon that is about to burst. I'm not going to lie having a toddler during this last stretch has been tough. Chad has been traveling quite a bit lately and that is not slowing down for another 2 weeks. He's super helpful when he is here, but when he is gone and I am the one man show...I am a pooped chicky at night. I'm very much ready to get this show on the road and meet little baby Fletch. I can already tell he is a man that knows what he wants. He directs me into the kitchen at 3am demanding Water and Hershey Bars. Who am I to deny the child what he wants? I have kept my weight gain somewhat under control this go around and I'm letting it fly a bit in the next couple of weeks. Weight Watchers, the YMCA and some new hot pink Asics are in my near future once we get baby Fletch acclimated to the pack. I'm excited about reclaiming my body as my own. Growing a human is tough...especially while chasing one around that poops in his pants.

The one that poops in his pants...Walker:

This kid is out of control with his words and new skills. Walker is kind of like a parrot and you can teach him good and bad things. I am having a hard time not teaching him funny things to say or do. Having a little mime can be dangerous! He is 18 months and some change. I draw the line at spelling out months, from here on out he is 1.5 years old...until he is two. Once the clothes drop the month sizing I have to also. Another giant reminder my baby is not a baby any longer. :( He is getting so freaking big and I just love the crap out of him. I lately have been noticing that he is quite a sensitive soul. He can get his feelings hurt pretty quickly by other kids, monkeys on iPad apps crying,  or just a good Folger's commercial (kidding)...but he is very in tune with his emotions. I guess that book on emotions is working! We are not really in tantrum land yet, but the kid can let you know how he feels really quick. We are weaning him off of demanding iPad at this current time. Love of technology, emotions, smart...really, I don't know where he gets any of this! ;)

He's really a cool kid and we are having fun watching his little personality blossom. We keep talking about him being a big brother, but I think he just thinks we are giving him another room with a different theme. We shall see, but I think he will be a gentle little guy with baby Fletch. Stay tuned!

The Bread Winner...Chad:

Chad is kicking ass and taking names at work. I gotta brag on him a little bit because I think he is doing such an awesome job. The kid got a raise for all his efforts and that is making life a bit easier around here now I am a retired lady that is ordering hot pink Asics for operation "Get Hot" this Spring. Chad just got back from Vegas where he worked the NADA (National Automobile Dealer Association) convention for his company. He brought back more money than he left with, won his Super Bowl bets and managed not do anything foolish. I'm proud. Ha! This joker also got to go to the National Championship game in New Orleans. I'm glad he got to go...he works hard and loves some Alabama football...and he didn't do anything foolish. So Chad has been living it up and poor little ol' me is just supplementing the lack of travel with hot pink shoes. Can you tell I am excited about these shoes???

Anywhoo...that is what is going on with us. Hope everyone is enjoying 2012. We are going to continue to keep it real around here and I'll report more as it happens.